Want to have a successful fundraiser with products people really want?

Pacific Marketplace is a reliable source for all types of organizations’ fundraising programs.  No matter what your objectives and goals are we can help you design an effective program.

Your organization benefits because . . .

  • Our personalized service and attention-to-detail creates a dependable partnership that is mutually beneficial.
  • Our products are fresh and unique, getting sellers excited.
  • We work together with you to define the reasons, goals and objectives.
  • Your program is customized, based on your interests and the audience targeted.
  • Our programs are not “canned” or overused.
  • Together we determine the price range and the % of return.
  • You have many products to choose from for your drive.
  • All are of high quality and produced by name brand manufacturers
  • Monies raised stay in your account

Enthusiasm Incentive

Our exciting products are “added bonus” to your program.  Sellers tire of offering family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others – wrapping paper, candy bars or the typical overused items.

With our great selection of quality products there is renewed interest in the process and the profits reflect this benefit.  Buyers recognize the manufacturers names. They know they are not only purchasing for a good cause, but also they will have a usable product.

Awesome Service and Support

When you make the choice to work with Pacific Marketplace, you have apartner in your corner every step of the way.  We are accessible via phone and email – whenever you need assistance to ensure your fundraiser is a success.

Fundraising Ideas

  • CD Wallets
  • Children’s Computer Software
  • Electronics-such as MP3 Players, Portable DVD Players, Video games
  • Events-such as Auctions, Bowling Parties, Video Game Tournaments
  • Food Items
  • Gift Certificates from Local Vendors
  • Restaurant Discounts
  • Unique Gift Items
  • Video Game Accessories

And more . . . Just ask!